LL9 - Damno Te - Inferno Lust Machine - C40 Cassette Tape

March 2019

Edition of 30

Damno Te is Mark Meloche from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Over the course of the last 15 years, this project has provided an insight into the mind and the varied interests of the artist. Damno Te has morphed, dressed up, unmasked itself, grown, disappeared, struggled, learned, resurfaced and to this day channels a unique energy - a deeper understanding of the power source that noise music truly is.This newest release - Inferno Lust Machine - is inspired by the imaginative, epic poems of Dante and Ovid. The Divine Comedy and Art of Love coming together in an audio amalgamation of sexual desires, sin, and the evils of the flesh. The recordings on this release reflect Damno Te's recent exploration of minimal effects pedal setups, creating churning, detailed, psychedelic industrial noise loops with an almost meditative quality. Dizzying layers of pseudo-rhythmic textures form and disintegrate, wheels and cogs grind uncomfortably, relays melt in a hissy fit, pulsing vessels carry venom, bitter lubricant pours out of the broken arrays of imbalanced pumps and the machine of desires thrusts forward until the point of exhaustion. Billows of acrid smoke emerge from burned out breakers. Captivating material - delicate yet complex, alien yet familiar, passionate yet cold - an immersion into something beautiful and destructive.

A sample from this release can be found here.



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