LL8 - K.M. Toepfer - Rohverschnitt B - C20 Cassette Tape

March 2018 - few copies remain

Edition of 24

Rohverschnitt B is the second part of K.M. Toepfer's ongoing exploration of image data sonification. Similar to Rohverschnitt A from 2017, the material on this tape is constructed from image data which is converted into raw data and from there into sound files. This time around the focus is on stacking multiples of the same image and through this process creating loops of glitched rhythmic patterns and cyclical waves across the stereo field. Multiple movements are contained within each of the 2 tracks on this tape to keep you guessing. Rohverschnitt B is unpolished process music based on fluid repetition, sharp cuts and odd pops - what's in the damn picture?

Samples from this release are here.

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