LL7 - Hemant Sreekumar - Divided By Zero - C63 Cassette Tape

March 2018 - no longer available

Edition of 24 - each cover image is unique

Hemant Sreekumar from Bangalore, India got involved with noise in 1986 when he started self-hypnosis using television and radio static. He embroiders coded computational processes to create sonic situations. His compositions deal with notions of measurement, decay, data sonification and stochastic emergence. On "Divided By Zero", he dives head first into a dark, brooding sonic vision for a desperate future society. Ritualistic, churning rhythmic noise envelops the listener and paints vivid pictures of a colorful, dangerous maze of endless disorienting repetition, digital dependency, over-analysis and empty technology-worship. Radical minimalist reduction is the foundation of these 3 tracks, spiraling patterns and hypnotic stomping building blocks that are rounded out by mysterious chants - those of the machine and the end user. 

Hemant Srekumar is also responsible for the art on this release - each cover image is different - take your pick.

There is a separate webpage (with samples, videos and pictures) available for this release - created by the artist:


Photo credit: Anoop Rajeev

Update - Nov. 2018

The artist has now made available the code that was used in the making of Divided By Zero. You can find it here:

Github - Hemant Sreekumar - Divided By Zero

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