LL6 - Worth - Neanderthal Camera - C28 Cassette Tape

March 2018 - no longer available

Edition of 40

Worth is William Van Gorder from Providence, Rhode Island, USA. With his Neanderthal Camera, he ventures deep into the ancient caves of harsh noise creativity. He drags out boulders with carved figures on them, he captures shaky camera footage of flickering flames at the bottom of a dark hole, he loops the primitive howls that emerge from the depths, he plucks strings and pulls wires from unidentifiable machines. It hisses, shakes, moans, screams and stumbles forward, trampling preconceived notions of what we have come to expect our daily dose of noise to be. After recent Worth-tapes on Lost In The Flood and New Forces as well as the "Blinder" LP on his own Prose Nagge imprint, Neanderthal Camera once more showcases the depth of exploration this project is capable of. If you thought you had Worth pinned down, think again.

Listen to some sample snippets from this release here.

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