LL5 - K.M. Toepfer - Rohverschnitt A - C20 Cassette Tape 

September 2017 - few copies remain

Edition of 24

Rohverschnitt A is a result of K.M. Toepfer's recent experiments with the manipulation of image data, conversion of image files into raw data and subsequently into audio data. An attempt is made to explore concepts of symmetry and asymmetry when abstract imagery morphs into sound. Semi-predictable rhythmic noise patterns are in essence directly derived from graphical abstractions and the application of glitching-methods in a semi-controlled environment. Only minimal editing and mastering of the resulting sound files has been performed. Tape saturation adds a welcome layer of grit to these recordings which can serve as an illustration of slightly compromised regularity - listen for artifacts and anomalies within that which suggests predictability.

Listen to a sample from this release here.


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