LL4 - SkruntSkrunt - Clipped Bus - C20 Cassette Tape 

September 2017 - few copies remain

Edition of 24

SkruntSkrunt is Abram Hindle from Edmonton, AB, Canada who told me the following, when questioned about the tracks he delivered for his contribution to Lead Lozenges: "I was looking at the wave forms of tracks from all sorts of noise-releases and I noticed that they're all clipping. So I figured, I would do the same." Delivering 20 minutes of harsh noise straight from a live coding environment, Hindle continuously pushes the boundaries of what noise and experimental sound art can be. In this case it is garbled voices, cut ups, sheets of processed white noise, pet sounds, mumbling, screams and other wizardry. SkruntSkrunt has managed to consistently alienate audiences in western Canada and the United States by involving them directly into his performances of inclusive nerd-hullabaloo - Clipped Bus is just that - on a tape.

Listen to a sample track from this release here.

Photo Credit: K.M. Toepfer


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