LL3 - Yoosin Kim - Ss4K - C16 Cassette Tape

September 2017 -

no longer available

Edition of 24

Yoosin Kim currently lives and works in Seoul and Sokcho, South Korea. Kim creates sound works inspired by irregular nature sounds and showcases the sublimity of these captured snippets of the environment he lives in. He creates audio-visual performances with quartz composer and unity engine. Aside from his visual art practice Kim is currently producing the documentary "The draft line" in Sokcho. He utilizes the sounds and videos from this documentary for his live performance. After two digital-only releases through South Korean imprint and arts collective Dingndents, Kim now delivers 4 tracks of dense, serrated musique concrète that hover on the doorstep into noise at all times. Over the course of Ss4K, Kim manages to construct eroding sonic patterns that stream forward from the darkness and loop around digital debris like a moth around a source of light that only serves to burn its wings.

Listen to a sample track from this release here.

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