LL11 - K.M. Toepfer - Supplant - C30 Cassette Tape

February 2020

Edition of 24

As a follow up to "Undercut" on Canada's Absurd Exposition Label (2019), K.M. Toepfer presents further exploration of a variety of feedback sources as the foundation for two pieces of noise and abstract sound art. While the focus is still on dense high frequency content, the incorporation of a function generator and further keyed gate exploitation creates a different flavor. This release pushes the boundaries of the magnetic tape format as different signals crowd each other out and as a result push beyond previously reached ceilings. Extreme self-modulating frequency content is allowed to take root in shaky ground. Further uncomfortable, sterile environments are created in the process. Supplant is dedicated to the memory of a good friend whose life knew no borders.

Listen to a sample from the release here.

The art for the release is a found image.


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